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About David Lloyd

David Lloyd is an underwater wildlife and Australian landscape photographer, based in Port Douglas, Australia.

Where the story begins

Growing up on the North Shore of Sydney, NSW, Australia, David spent a large part of his early years on the water. Whether sailing on the harbour, or on the Northern Beaches, David grew to love every aspect that the ocean had to offer. David didn’t see himself as someone particularly creative, having finished an MBA in 2017, he was looking for a career change and took a leap of faith to move into a supportive role in his partner's business - Stephanie Elizabeth Artwork. David quickly learnt how to fine art image original artworks and re-produce them as limited edition giclée prints.

Australian landscape photographer david lloyd photography
Australian landscape photographer david lloyd walking between palm trees
self portrait of australian landscape photographer and underwater photographer david lloyd photography

Self Taught Artist

Entirely self-taught, David worked hard at his craft before making a life-changing decision to move to Port Douglas & become a full-time professional photographer in 2020 – a defining moment in David’s life. He opened Port Studios, his own wedding photography studio, where he now shoots both photography and videography for a handful of select clients per year. David’s primary focus quickly became focussed on the ocean, be it underwater or over. Marine wildlife and aerial landscape photography form the backbone of David’s photographic portfolio, with each artwork aiming to evoke an emotional connection to the natural world.

Evolving Journey in photography

David and his now wife, Stephanie Elizabeth opened the doors to SEA Studio Gallery in Port Douglas on the Easter weekend of 2021. The synergy created by showcasing the inspiration behind each artwork worked a treat and continues to do so today. David’s photography portfolio continues to grow, each underwater and aerial landscape artwork with its own story, which David is always willing to share.

Each artwork David creates aims to show the natural beauty of the world that surrounds us.

underwater photographer david lloyd freediving on the fringe of a coral reef