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David's Story

David Is a self-taught photographer & videographer based in Port Douglas, Far North Queensland. He owns and operates both SEA Studio Gallery & Port Studios with his partner & fellow artist Stephanie Elizabeth.

David fell into photography as he discovered the world of fine art imaging and printing. With a technical background and a love for all gadgets big & small, David naturally took to using a camera!

What began as a hobby, capturing long exposure landscapes & astrophotography soon led to a combination of David’s love of the water. The need to simply “get better reference images” for Stephanie to paint her turtle artwork led to the purchase of an underwater housing for their DSLR.

Fast forward a few years,  David made the move from Canon to Sony. Moving from using a DSLR’s to a Mirrorless Camera System. Throw in a Drone and a couple of strobes to ensure perfectly flattering, even light to capture underwater animals and it was time to find a place to exhibit David’s work on a regular basis.

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David Lloyd Underwater Photographer

Underwater + Aerial Photography

David specialises in underwater ocean art & aerial photography. To say he is a a little obsessed with Turtles would be an understatement. Long exposure landscapes & wildlife (mainly birds) also regularly find their way into David’s viewfinder. David prefers to shoot wide or long focal lengths & feels freezing time with long exposures incredibly gratifying. The love of water translates to not only the reef, but beach scenes & the abundance of waterfalls in Far North Queensland leave no shortage of inspiration.

Underwater Photography​

The art of underwater photography is in getting to know the creatures you wish to photograph. David spends A LOT of time in the water with Turtles and has learnt to stay nice and calm whilst hanging out with these incredible creatures. Timing is everything when it comes to underwater photography. Find your frame, getting your settings right and let the magic happen!

Aerial Photography​

David is lucky enough to have the opportunity to shoot from planes and helicopters on a semi-regular basis. Throw a drone into the equation and it opens up a whole lot of opportunities to capture a different perspective. Most of the aerial art that David captures are top-down, flat lay landscapes.

Bird Photography​

David's approach to capturing birds is exactly the norm. Getting up and close to birds is the key. Using a wide open aperture on a fast lens, zoomed right in on the subject gives a nice soft portrait of the fluffy friend. Filling the frame with the bird and adding a subtle element of bokeh to the background results in stunning artworks.

Long Exposure Landscape Photography​

There is something calming about taking a long exposure photography. David uses his landscape sessions as a time to chill out and take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life. There's nothing more rewarding than hiking to a special spot, setting up the perfect composition on a tripod and waiting patiently to see the end result.
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Find us at SEA Gallery in Port Douglas

Can’t make it into the gallery? Thats Ok! You can view & buy David’s fine art photographic prints in the online store below.

David Lloyd Photography is available in person at:

SEA Gallery – Shop 7, 18 Macrossan Street, Port Douglas, 4877, QLD